Does the invisibility of the very rich matter?

Politically, it matters a lot. Pundits sometimes wonder why American voters don’t care more about inequality; part of the answer is that they don’t realize how extreme it is. And defenders of the superrich take advantage of that ignorance.

When the Heritage Foundation tells us that the top 10 percent of filers are cruelly burdened, because they pay 68 percent of income taxes, it’s hoping that you won’t notice that word “income” — other taxes, such as the payroll tax, are far less progressive.

But it’s also hoping you don’t know that the top 10 percent receive almost half of all income and own 75 percent of the nation’s wealth, which makes their burden seem a lot less disproportionate.

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Fuck yeah, Apple Pay. 

Fuck yeah, Apple Pay. 



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United States now has a greater wealth gap by race than South Africa did during apartheid

Wonder if this has been #FactChecked

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Canadian gov’t economists insist that stats on collapsing middle class mean just the opposite



Dave sez, “Last year, Employment and Social Development Canada put together a report suggesting that the Canadian middle class has seen wage stagnation and is experiencing record levels of debt; Finance Canada felt that this ‘appears to conflict with the general message in Budget 2014 and previous internal briefings’ so they made a new report — that says the opposite, while looking at the same data.”

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After an increadibly long week I’m getting really pumped for the weekend. Enjoy this awesome, unique and uplifting track! #TGIF

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One of my favorite songs growing up. And still is to this day!

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